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The Cost of Success | February 10, 2011

Have you thought about the cost of the success you’re seeking?

You can earn more, but it’s going to cost you. It’s going go cost time, money, energy and resources. What’s your expectation of success? Will you measure it, to understand if you have achieved a certain outcome, or will you keep on chasing a moving target? “There’s nothing wrong with seeking success, but remember that it can be intoxicating. Just be sure to do two things before drinking the Kool Aid— Negotiate the price and identify the designated drivers.”

The designated driver is the responsible one. The one who takes on the burden of support for the rest of the team. Who is your designated driver? Who will you go to for accountability if you need serious, transparent advice about the direction you’re traveling? Who will step up when your drive, work hours, or vision spins out of control?

We all need designated drivers, because sometimes the road signs are hard to read.

Along the way I’ve known a lot of successful people who lost their way, and lost it all. They either paid too much attention to one thing (usually work) or too little attention to the important things. They let the priorities of family, health, and peace, take a backseat to the daily activities of life. They let their to do lists guide them. They spent too much time on the planning of it all and too little time living.

Reminds me of a story of a young man who worked his entire life to live the dream of becoming a professional airline pilot. He finally did achieve that dream, yet decades into a masterful career he failed his flight physical. In his quest for this dream, he had failed to take care of his health. He had led a sedentary lifestyle, and didn’t exercise at all. He smoked for decades. In the quest to achieve the dream he’d had since childhood, he neglected the all important steps to maintain and nurture that dream.

There’s nothing wrong with Success. But it’s important to determine what you’re willing to give up, in order to achieve it. And don’t forget to get your family and trusted friends in place, to be your designated drivers who will bring you safely back to reality when you need it ….


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