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22 May, 2011 16:41 | May 22, 2011

I always enjoy the opportunity to speak at the annual American Association of Endodontists meeting, and this past meeting was no exception.

On Thursday, April 14th, I gave a one and a half hour presentation to my colleagues on leadership in a smalll service organization. My presentation is a combination of research conducted by the leading thinkers and researchers in contemporary leadership along with over thirty years of personal observations of organizational leadership. I particularly enjoy the point in my presentation when I pull the research and personal observations together by making it a personal and commonly shared experience with my audience. This is the “Ahaa” moment when we all experience a paradigm shift and begin to understand the power that leadership can have in our personal and professional lives. I love watching my audiences eyes light up and their heads nod in agreement as we collectively see our lives through the eyes of a leader. For me, this is what makes it all worth while. Helping others see the vision, is what brings fulfillment to my life.

As we go through life, seasons change. If you can adapt and embrace the opportunities and changes that come your way, the future is unlimited for you, your team, and your business. What is this new season bringing for you?


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