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A Culture of Empowerment | June 25, 2011

Warren Buffett talks about eating his own “home cooking” when it comes to investing in businesses that will fit into his culture, desires, portfolio, and team. What he means by this term is that he invests in businesses he loves and he lives, eats, and does business with them. He likes Sees Candy, and Dairy Queen. He wouldn’t buy a business or product he didn’t like. In those businesses, large or small, he let’s the leader do their thing. They’ve already been leading it, and he wants to empower people within his own company to be who they are.

Are you walking the talk, and giving people the power to make decisions, or are they on a very short leash?

Empower your people. Let them lead so that you don’t get stuck in the everyday mire and muck of running the business. Let them, lead your business to greatness. Guide em, but be sure to be authentic about empowering them too.


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